Our approach

Geomove is a platform available to all people under 26 years old who are committed to a more sustainable society and organizations that accompany them.
A network to act, share and be inspired.

Our vision

Promoting civic engagement of children and youth to promote optimism, respect, mutual support and participation. Everywhere young people are taking initiatives for a better tomorrow. Valuing this commitment would inspire other young people, to support their force for change and recognize them, girls and boys, the right to be acting in their own lives and those of their community.

Our vision

Our mission

Create an international network of committed children and young people in order to:

  • enable the exchange of projects, ideas and knowledge between these young people involved around the world
  • enable young people from different countries and continents to meet, support and co-create projects
  • offer a space where it is possible to denounce situations of non-compliance with international law (human rights, child rights, women's rights ...) and to mobilize facing these situations
  • challenge oneself by launching or participating to challenges
  • raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations

Our mission

Our values

Optimism Optimism

Adopt an optimistic approach to support children and youth's force for change.

Participation Participation

Provide children and young people a tool to promote their right to expression and participation.

Mutual aid Mutual aid

Promote exchange and mutual aid between children and young people at the international level.